Sex Pistols... Bodies... Let's get lyrical!

Sex Pistols… Bodies… Let’s get lyrical!

Something on Bodies by Sex Pistols for Let’s Get Lyrical. I immersed myself in pop music from a very young age and began by buying records by Adam & the Ants and Madness from 8 years old onwards. However, I was almost immediately drawn to the darker side of ‘pop’. When a friend brought back the infamous […]

Hero Worship... Adam Ant!

Hero Worship… Adam Ant!

Photo courtesy of Gerard McNamara   Here’s a Hero Worship piece for The Skinny Magazine on Adam Ant… yes indeed! Critics, tastemakers and elitists may simply turn their noses up at my figure of worship in this piece, casting him off as nothing but a novelty, pop act from the New Romantic 1980s. Naturally, I […]

Blondie at T in the Park...

Blondie at T in the Park…

Here’s a blog I did for the BBC Radio Scotland website on meeting Blondie at T in the Park. As we all know, T in the Park is Scotland’s biggest party of the year. It’s a mammoth logistical task for the organisers to arrange, and now its success is rivalled by nothing else in the […]