35 Scottish Artists to Watch in 2012…

It’s that time of year again, so here goes…

Last year I made a list of 50 artists to investigate over the course of the oncoming year. It did seem a little excessive, so this year I’ve streamlined to… ahem… 35! Ach well…

You may have heard some of them on my BBC shows recently. If not, you will do in session or in recorded form over the next 12 months. Most should have releases out and will be playing a venue near you soon, so check them out live, online or a local record shop soon. From beats, bass and bleeps to strums, riffs and twangs; acoustic, electric and electronic – therein lies a treasure trove of interesting music, right on your doorstep.

In alphabetical order:

Blank Canvas
Brown Bear and the bandits
Chris Devotion & the Expectations
Die Hard
Django Django
Eugene Twist
Happy Particles
Hector Bizerk
Holy Mountain
Jack Townes
John Knox Sex Club
Lady North
Lenzie Moss
Miaoux Miaoux
Muscles of Joy
Olympic Swimmers
Part Wind Part Wolf
Pronto Mama
Rudi Zygadlo
The Imagineers
The Machine Room
The Mirror Trap
The Mouse That Ate The Cat

I’ve tipped some of the aforementioned list before (some in 2011 actually, but hey!) and many others in years gone by. Sometimes you can be too far ahead of the curve – 2012 might actually be their year… So stand up Unicorn Kid, Three Blind Wolves, French Wives, Tango in the Attic, Fatherson, Profisee, American Men, Bear Bones, Midnight Lion, Hostage, Bwani Junction, S-Type and Wounded Knee – I salute you all too! (With that lot, I’m almost at 50 again… ho hum…)

Not all of these guys will become household names or celebrities, but that’s never been my aim as a radio DJ, tipster, and music pundit. I’m a fan and if an artist is interesting, different and outstanding in this day and age then they’re worth checking out, regardless of whether they breakthrough to the mainstream or not!

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