Favourite 50 Albums of 2011…

Contrary to what many might think… 2011 wasn’t ALL about homogenised, manufactured pop and doom ‘n’ gloom for the music industry. It was in fact a glorious year for music across all genres, if you’re willing to seek it out. As ever, I was trawling though it trying to find some real gems and playing tracks all year on BBC Radio Scotland. Here’s a list of 50 of my favourites…

Over 50% of the artists therein are from Scotland or have a strong Scottish connection, the rest are international. Hopefully this list will enlighten and inspire you to make a purchase and support some true artists out there. Some you’ll know, some you won’t but all are worth your investigation and your time.

Album of the year:

Then, in no particular order:

There are many more that didn’t quite fit into the fifty, but are worth checking out… Try Zoey Van Goey, Song of Return, Deadboy Robotics, Black International, Monoganon, Indian Red Lopez, Nils Frahm, Wild Flag, Cass McCombs, Mastodon, Bon Iver, Blanck Mass and Metronomy for size.

Honorary mentions should go to Dananananaykroyd who made a great 2nd album but split up (aaaaw!) and RM Hubbert, Kid Canaveral & Admiral Fallow who re-released their excellent debuts in 2011.

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